Breaking away from the technological limits of the lead-acid battery, the silicone rechargeable power battery embraces the break through of the first pollution free electrolyte, the electrolyte is acid free, meaning no acid mist to pollute our water, air and all living species of our planet.

The silicone battery is a specialized battery originally developed for the military, the silicone battery delivers enormous trusted durable power, universally recognized of having a cutting edge over the commonly used lead-acid battery.

GM Silicone Battery has a rapid-recharge capability that can be charged at 150amps in 22-25 minutes and a rapid-discharge at 30C in 8 seconds with no damage to the battery. Furthermore, the silicone battery has a higher capacity, higher current output, lower internal resistance during usage.

GM Silicone batteries operate normal in temperatures of -50°C to +70°C, delivering undisrupted power when required in harsh conditions.

The silicone battery has no erosion to corrode battery plates, joints or connections, giving the battery a much longer lifespan.

This revolutionary state-of-the-art Green Technology does not use any toxic materials in production of the battery, in fact, after the life-cycle of the battery, the electrolyte can be used as a high grade fertilizer and the rest of the battery housing recycled.

We offer our customers OEM services to rename the battery to your own brand-name with minimum required orders, renaming the battery to your own brand-name is a perfect way to advertise your business and expand your business into new markets.

The factories have the capability to produce over 120,000 units per month to keep up with the ever growing international demand. The factories are certified ISO-14001 to ensure high quality standards are enforced in the work place, to keep our family of employees in a safe environment.

As a leader in the power & storage industry our research and development base has integrated research & development, production and marketing services into one body, allowing us to offer competitive prices to our customers, by dealing from the factory directly to our customers we keep all costs to a minimum. For our valued customers convenience we include Free Shipping to the nearest destination sea port to the customers' location, with minimum required orders.

Silicone batteries core technology includes its own proprietary intellectual property rights nationally and internationally, along with two invention patents. The quality of silicone rechargeable batteries is greatly improved with the adoption of the silicate salt compound used to replace the liquid acid in the electrolyte. The GM silicone batteries silicate salt compound electrolyte has a smaller internal resistance of 2 mili-ohm, twelve to thirteen times smaller than that of the lead-acid battery, lead-acid batteries have a relatively large internal resistance during its usage which is generally greater than 25 milli-ohm, the holes generated in the maintenance free lead-acid battery makes the internal resistance even greater.

Amongst more than 20,000 manufacturers in the power & storage industry, the silicone battery is the only one of its kind to be pollution free and safe to the environment.

The silicone battery was awarded the "National Defense Communication Equipment Network Access License" for the use by military in telecommunication systems. In addition, the silicone battery has capabilities to work in sub-sea applications 6000 meters beneath the sea.

Silicone rechargeable batteries are used in many applications, such as, national defense, military, sub-sea applications, telecommunication systems, aviation, navigation, rail locomotive, ships, automotive, transportation sectors, underwater robotics, electric vehicles (EV), solar and wind applications, UPS, GPS, computer backup systems, emergency systems, alarm systems, scooters, electric tools, forklifts, airport carts and backup systems, golf carts, oil & gas applications etc. The silicone battery is non-explosive and offers a much greater performance for critical applications.

Our in-house engineer offers technical support to our customers, we are a customer focused company who cares about the well being of our international family of customers, employees and associates, treating all with respect, fairness, integrity and caring professionally about their success. We continuously strive to advance our technology to benefit the environment and to make the quality of life better for the future generations to come.